Just a Step Away (for Baritone Voice and Brass Quintet)

Just a Step Away is a wedding song written in a hybrid style of both a pop ballad and a contemporary classical composition.  It is very accessible and carries a meaningful message.  (Performed by Nathanael Carter with the Lone Star Brass)

(Just a Step Away is approx. 3 min.)

Score and Parts (Digital Download PDF)


Here we are standing here in this moment

just a step away from a life filled with love.

Here we are standing together hand in hand,

with an eye on the future filled with possibilities,

you and me today, just a moment away from love.

All the things that life can bring, maybe sunshine or the rain,

cannot in any way change the way I feel about the love we share today.

Here we are, standing in this moment,

gazing face to face in the love that only God could give,

by the measure of His grace.

Here we are standing here, looking now through heavens eyes

at a life that only He could give,

it's no surprise we're just a step away from a new life today,

just a moment away from love,

just a moment away from love.